Deadline: 3 Mar 2019 (Sunday), 11.59pm (GMT+8)



#IICSG2019 will be featuring 3 main speaking/workshop tracks over 2 days (19-20 Jun 2019).

  • where practitioners reveal cutting-edge techniques and more. 
    Your usual standard Track 1.

  • where leaders provide insights into their area of specialisation with the aim to:

    • give attendees an in-depth understanding of the latest developments in various cybersecurity domains; and 

    • provide those interested in entering the cybersecurity field/industry with an edge to do so.

  • where experts discuss how to practise specialised cybersecurity domains the right way and/or examine common pitfalls seen in existing practices or solutions.


We are looking for original content of the highest quality to be featured in our 3 main tracks in the following areas (this is not an exhaustive list):


  • Defensive security and threat hunting

  • Tools, techniques practices and strategies to detect, respond, investigate advanced cybersecurity threats

  • Digital forensics and incident response 

  • Malware threats, analysis, hunting, campaigns, takedowns and tales

  • Offensive security, red teaming, pentesting and exploit development

  • Reverse engineering, bug hunting, vulnerability discovery and responsible disclosure 

  • Anti-forensics and anti-incident response 

  • Network, communications and cellular technologies and protocols security

  • Embedded/hardware, Internet of Things, security 

  • Operating systems (OS), applications and mobile device exploitation and security 

  • Secure software and systems design and development 

  • Cloud computing, virtualisation and container security 

  • Operational Technologies (OT), SCADA/Industrial Control Systems (ICS) security

  • Automotive security

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)/Machine Learning (ML) for security 

  • Applied cryptography 

  • Threats against, and defending the Enterprise systems, financial institutes, national critical information infrastructure (CII) 

  • Cybersecurity governance, law, policy and assurance 

  • Computing and machine coolness/madness, refreshing ideas and concepts that could impact the cybersecurity field/industry positively. 


Your proposed content delivery can come in the form of either a 45mins talk, or a 60mins or 120mins workshop. Content shall be delivered in English only. 


  • Paid travel (for speakers/workshop instructors who do not reside in Singapore)

  • 2 nights' accommodation (for speakers/workshop instructors who do not reside in Singapore)

  • Breakfast and Lunch during conference days

  • VIP networking and recreation events 

  • Exclusive #IICSG2019 speaker t-shirt

  • Lots of fun!


Submissions will be assessed by a distinguished review panel. Submissions shall be in English only. 


  • CFP Open: 26 Dec 2018 (Wednesday)

  • CFP Deadline: 3 Mar 2019 (Sunday), 11.59pm (GMT+8)

  • Speaker Notifications Start: 1 Apr 2019

  • #IICSG2019 Conference (Main Tracks): 19-20 Jun 2019 (Wednesday — Thursday)


If you have any queries or concerns, please get in touch, contact us

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