Michael Art Rebultan

Information Technology (IT) is never been equal to Operational Technology (OT) even the beginning of Gen4 and so an incident response to industrial control systems would not be the same; both the methodologies, approach and even the policies.

An IT security expert should work closely with the control engineering with the mindsets that are aligned to the ICS-NIST framework that supports SRP triad instead of the CIA from the information system.


This talk aims to bridge the digital and industrial divide on IT and ICS/OT which will showcase the practical ways to form a solid IR team to combat cybersecurity threats and firefight when an incident occurs in most effective ways.

Key Take Away

  1. IT incident response team preparation for OT environment

  2. Bridge IT/OT knowledge gap

  3. Playbook designing

  4. Strategic policy creation

  5. Use cases for defense-in-depth

Art Rebultan aka "Mike" is a cybersecurity footsoldier in an IT/OT firm that carries out incident response and threat hunting on a daily basis for proactive defense. He attained a Master degree in IT with a concentration in E-commerce Security and acquired Graduate Diploma in Digital Forensics and Cybersecurity.


CEH, ECSA, IFCI-CCI, and CHFI are among certifications he possesses to amuse and entertain headhunters.

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