Michael Art Rebultan

Behavior extraction used often time in both malware analysis and threat hunting to identify unique dynamic features from portable executable file and gather IOC. What if with the same approach you will be able to find a gem that no million-dollar EDR and AV security solutions have never detected yet – zero-day exploit.


Utilizing free and open source software in applied digital forensics would change the game of the blue teamers in defending their organization and tracking adversaries that attacking them and be able to attribute to a threat actor.

Demystifying zero-day malware hunting and analyzing malware behavior within the stipulated time are the key takeaways of this talk.

Art Rebultan aka "Mike" is a cybersecurity footsoldier in an IT/OT firm that carries out incident response and threat hunting on a daily basis for proactive defense. He attained a Master degree in IT with a concentration in E-commerce Security and acquired Graduate Diploma in Digital Forensics and Cybersecurity.


CEH, ECSA, IFCI-CCI, and CHFI are among certifications he possesses to amuse and entertain headhunters.

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