Shamane Tan, Privasec

Hear the story behind the first-ever published compilation of insights from some of the greatest leaders we know.


Meet 50 industry leaders from all over the world, CEOs, CIOs, CISOs, (yes, the unsung C-suite), from the US, Europe, Singapore, Israel, and Australia, all captured in these pages.

Get up close and personal with Shamane Tan as she shares the story behind this book, which was birthed from the hundreds of coffees she has had with the different C-suite from her 9 years of being in this industry.


In this session, she unpacks her key learns in her journey of writing this book

You will hear some insights, including some funny encounters revealed by C-suite across the globe 

For security professionals, upcoming or current CISOs, you will not want to miss out on the top 3 tips from CISOs around the world. They have learnt it the hard way.

The introduction of her bonus chapter which brings you into the minds of the CISOs and what they have learnt to look for in their security partners

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