Isaac Dawson, Linkai

If an exploit was released in a popular web server or framework, would you know if it affected any your web sites? How about that marketing campaign site that was setup two years ago and everyone forgot about? How long would it take for you to find an answer to those question? Asset discovery and management assists in solving these problems. Knowing what you own, and what dependencies it has is critical to securing your infrastructure.


Isaac Dawson is the CEO & Founder of Linkai, a continuous asset discovery service based in Japan. With over 18 years of industry experience, Isaac Dawson had previously lead R&D efforts for Veracode’s dynamic application security product lines. Including innovative research leading to a patent for automatically identifying and exploiting Cross-Site Scripting vulnerabilities. Prior to Veracode, he was an application security consultant for Symantec Japan and @stake. During his years in consulting and research he realized companies were in sore need of a service that could continuously monitor their external attack surface and notify them when changes occur. With this need being unmet, he created from the ground up Linkai’s Continuous Web Site Discovery service, Hakken.

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