Division Zero (Div0)'s Car Security Quarter (CSQ)

The Automotive Cybersecurity landscape is ever-changing and threats towards the industry are constantly evolving. Due to the sensitivity of the domain, we know it’s hard to learn about cars based on the limited information made available to the public.

In this talk, we will address the basics communication protocols such as the Controller Area Network (CAN) bus and how we built a prototype to learn more about Automotive Cybersecurity. We will also address the logistics on finding the right parts and resources, and include time-saving techniques to reverse engineer CAN IDs without using the proprietary tools as well as methodologies to compile a CAN database. We will also address the misconceptions when building a test bench with limited resources that consist of only an Engine/Electronics Control Unit (ECU) and Instrument clusters.


A special interest group for car enthusiasts to learn more about car hardware & technologies, and to raise awareness and adoption of automotive cybersecurity.

Alina (0x410x54) Tan is a cybersecurity consultant at Booz Allen Hamilton's Singapore office. Her expertise lies in securing Operational Technology (OT), Industrial Control System (ICS) and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems — specifically on the offensive security of these systems. Her interest lies in pentesting OT and automotive systems.   


Tan Pei Si (Kaskrex) is a seasoned developer with a strong interest in cybersecurity. She is currently working in a cybersecurity film healing thyself in its own cybersecurity posture. Pei Si is an active advocate in the Singapore cybersecurity community — she actively contributes to Division Zero (Div0) and Infosec in the City (IICSG). She is also the pioneer member of Div0’s Car Security Quarter (CSQ). Pei Si’s interest lies in Digital Forensics & Incident Response (DFIR), hardware hacking and DevSecOps.  


Solomon (swjs) Tan is currently waiting to start his university studies in Computer Engineering (CE). In the meantime, he develops his interest in radio communication, reverse engineering and cryptography.

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