Clarence Chio

Making & Breaking Machine Learning Systems is a fast-paced session on machine learning from the Infosec professional’s point of view. The workshop is designed with the goal of providing students with a hands-on introduction to machine learning concepts and systems, as well as making and breaking security applications powered by machine learning. We will get first-hand experience at cleaning data, implementing machine learning security programs, and performing simple security reviews of these systems.


Clarence Chio is an engineer and entrepreneur who has given talks, workshops, and trainings on machine learning and security at DEF CON, BLACK HAT, RSA, and other security/software engineering conferences/meetups across two dozen countries. He is a co-author of the O'Reilly Book "Machine Learning & Security", and teaches a course on machine learning at U.C. Berkeley. Clarence graduated from the Computer Science from Stanford University, specializing in data mining and artificial intelligence.

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