Hackware Hacking:
Workshop, Question & Answer

by Joe FitzPatrick

There are lots of pieces that come together to make a hardware hack possible — finding a target, learning about it, choosing your tools, observing it, and interacting with it. Instead of focusing on any one of those steps in detail, I'll do a live walkthrough of the whole process on an off-the-shelf consumer electronics device. Instead of the slides, I'll have a live camera showing the target device and how I interact with it, and I'll speak to each step of the process. In addition, we'll be able to handle Q&A interactively throughout the walkthrough. We'll first walk through a known attack on a known target; if time permits, we'll repeat the process on a totally unknown consumer electronic target. 
You'll come away from the workshop with a better idea of what the whole hardware hack process looks like, tools that are used, and results that are possible in only a short amount of time. 

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