Operation Retaliation:
A Hacktivist Campaign
No One Talks About

by Ildaf

Anonymous operations may not appear in the newspapers or the media as much as it used to but that doesn't mean it's not happening. In 2013, members of the Anonymous collective organized an operation targeted at a specific country and every year on 7 April, this operation still continues. While the operation received much coverage both by the media and security researchers, not many realized that there was also an operation organized to retaliate against it. This operation also started in 2013 and still continue to be alive targeting countries within its region. 

This talk will cover this particular retaliation operation, its history, its mission and its unique tactics, techniques and procedures and how this hacktivist group is considered more sophisticated than most groups we have read about. This talk will also share how recent hacktivist groups from China, India and the U.S. have also adopted a different approach and how these groups provide a new air to the future of hacktivism.

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